I have big plans to expand our family HVAC business

My father started his own heating contractor when he was young.

Back then he said they used to mainly focus on furnace repairs and installations.

They would also take care of all the essential maintenance. My father has established a pretty solid reputation over the years too, so we were never left wanting for business. My father was really excited when I became old enough to first start learning how to work on a gas furnace. He was also proud that I started studying about different repairs and things of that nature. I ended up going to school to get my HVAC certification because I was interested in getting into the family business. I also looked into cooling systems though because that also was something I was interested in. While my father never really learned much about cooling systems, I figured I could take care of it all. When I got into the business with my father, he appreciated the knowledge I had with A/C systems and he put me in charge of teaching the other heating system professionals everything they needed to learn about A/C systems. Instead of only working on old furnaces these days, we cover most types of residential HVAC systems and my father has never been more proud. Business has exploded even more because we focus on the cooling side as well and my father says that I will make a superb owner of the business eventually. I honestly can’t wait til the day I am able to take over because I have huge plans to expand the family business.


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