It’s not such a good thing to be rushing through your life

They say that patience is a virtue.

Well, I always thought that was nonsense when I was a youngster.

I was always in a rush with everything. I rushed through my school work, rushed to go see my buddies, and just rushed through life in general. I never really stopped to appreciate everything around me and my manners were not so great either. My parents were always severely frustrated with me and I just couldn’t wait to get out on my own and live my life. I didn’t even really think about what I really wanted to study in college, I just signed up for the first thing I could find. Well, I turned out to be miserable in school because what I was studying was not enjoyable in the least. Then a buddy was telling me how he decided to become an HVAC professional after a lot of thought. He was telling me how his parents were patient with him and told him not to rush into anything that he might regret. Well, I wished my parents would have given me some advice like that, but I realized that they probably tried. I was just too arrogant and never wanted to listen to anything they had to say anyway. I finally worked hard to humble myself and then I went to become HVAC certified after I dropped out of school. My parents were angry that I did that, but they were happy that I came up with a plan for a solid career as an HVAC professional. I am always helping them out these days with their HVAC complications and they love that. They also love the fact that I changed a lot and decided to take things slow in my life. It’s true that patience is a virtue, but I had to learn that on my own.

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