My friend had terrible allergies last spring

My friend was still getting accustomed to the extreme seasonal swings after moving in with me. I lived in a colder climate which meant winters were extensive followed by lovely Springtime plus summer. My friend had to adjust to the cold weather. However it wasn’t that bad with me by her side. Come Springtime, he experienced the worst allergic reaction he’d ever forced us to go to the hospital for help. There was so much pollen in the air, which my friend wasn’t used to. His flu symptoms flared up, so I had to rush by him to get medical attention. While at the hospital, my friend spoke to the doctor about ways to change our indoor air quality. We had a working air conditioner which kept the space moderate all winter. However, it didn’t do much to change indoor air quality in Springtime. That’s why there was lots of pollen in the air. The doctor advocated for my friend and I to find an A/C company and purchase a whole-condo UV air purifier. The unit would be my friend’s saving grace since it cleared out all the indoor air leaving the space comfortable for him. He took the advice to heart and found a Heating plus A/C vendor in the city. My friend obtained the best whole-condo purifier he could get. The A/C vendor sent an Heating plus A/C expert to our house the following morning to install the new idea plus a monitor to help keep an eye on our indoor air quality. The results were thrilling when my friend started feeling better, plus his airways cleared up thanks to the purifier.