Remember to wear sunscreen

Last week, a group of friends and I decided to go to the beach.

We all got up before the sun came up, loaded our cars with beverages, snacks, and our favorite playlist, and drove to the beach.

We all arrived shortly after noon, and we were both so excited that we skipped checking into the hotel and went directly to the beach. Everyone had a great time playing in the surf, throwing a frisbee, drinking beers, and just spending time together; however, after a few too many beers, I fell asleep in our beach chair and awoke covered in burns. I checked into the hotel and took a shower. Afterwards, I rubbed aloe all over my burns, laid on the bed, and cranked the a/c as freezing as it would go. But the cool breeze from the a/c was so soothing to my burnt skin, that I was almost happy that I was sunburnt. The relief I felt from the a/c helped me to relax, and forget that I was ever burnt in the first pIace. I woke up several hours later to our friends getting back from the beach when they were shocked how freezing the a/c was. The next day, after resting in the cool a/c all night, I was able to enjoy a whole day at the beach, with sunscreen on, of course. Nevertheless, the next time I rent a beach hotel room I will ensure that the room has fully functional, efficient a/cs, just in case I forget to wear sunscreen again.

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