Residential Window tinting Combined with Solar Panels

Because I live in the Southeast, it’s pretty darn hot all year long.

I’m not particularly crazy about that fact, but I would be even less crazy about having to drive in the snow or shovel snow off my driveway.

So, I choose to live in the south. Because I choose to live in the south, I am always looking for ways to save on my cooling costs. It costs a lot to run the air conditioning all year long. One of the things that is very common around here is to get residential window tinting. Residential window film has been a lifesaver for me. I chose to get decorative window film and some of my windows, but in the majority of my windows I chose to just get a simple home window tinting installation with regular mirrored residential window tinting. The decorative window films are put on the windows in my bedrooms. Both of the windows in both of the bedrooms faced the backyard. That means the only ones who see them are the people that are invited into my backyard. On the front and sides of my house, though, I chose to get mirrored residential window tinting. The mirrored look keeps people from being able to see inside my house, but still allows me to see outside well. Because I want to save even more money, I am also going to get solar panels for my house. It is pretty pricey, so I haven’t completely made up my mind yet, but I think that if I had residential window tinting combined with solar panels, my electric bill would go down so much that it would be almost nonexistent.


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