Sandy felt much better after installing an air purification unit

Sandy was still trying to comprehend the severe seasonal swings after moving in with her boyfriend.

  • They’d moved to a frigid region which meant winters were long and summers too short.

Sandy had to find ways to cope with the cold weather/. She believed it wasn’t that bad next to her boyfriend. When spring arrived, Sandy had to endure the worst allergic reaction she’d ever had and went to the clinic to seek assistance. There was excessive pollen in the air in that region, and Sandy wasn’t used to it. Her pollen irritations flared up, and had to hastily go with her boyfriend to get medical attention. While at the clinic, Sandy conversed with the doctor about tips to upgrade their indoor air quality. They had a robust heating system which kept them comfortable all winter. However, it didn’t impact the indoor air quality in Spring. That’s why there was so much pollen in their apartment. The doctor advised Sandy and her boyfriend to find an HVAC corporation and choose a whole-house air purification system. The equipment would be Sandy’s relief since it removed all the indoor air leaving the area comfortable for her. Sandy heeded the advice and sought an Heating and Air Conditioning store in town. She found the best whole-house purifier she could get. The HVAC store sent an Heating and Air Conditioning technician to their apartment the following day to set up the new plan and a monitor to help check on their indoor air quality. The outcome was excellent since Sandy began feeling better, and her airways were no longer blocked.



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