Simple tricks can help prevent heat from escaping inside your home in winter

As a homeowner with an HVAC system that has served me for more than 18 years without major issues, I can attribute this success to the fact that I carefully maintain the unit.

Ever since my AC and furnace were installed when I first moved into my home, I had a talk with the HVAC technician that services it.

He advised me never to skip routine and professional HVAC maintenance. I have always scheduled the unit for tuneups twice a year, and have a reminder on when to change filters, clean the condenser coils, and check for any issues. This has spared me of major issues as my HVAC professionals have told me many times. The moment I notice something amiss, I always call the HVAC business and they send an expert to examine it. This way, I have only dealt with minor repairs that have saved me both money and time. I hardly grapple with high energy bills because my HVAC unit works perfectly and efficiently. The only major changes I made was to replace my denial thermostat with a programmable one a few years back. This was a move that was advised by my trusted HVAC technician and it has paid off significantly. Even on days that I forget to adjust the temperatures, my themoats step and save the day. Part of my maintenance practise is to ensure that heat does not especoe my house in winter. I invested in adequate insulation and also worked on sealing all crevices around the house. My beautiful wife also sewed some beautiful heavy curtains that for some reason keep all the heat inside the house when it is too cold in winter.



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