Thanks to the excellent AC, I didnt have to suffer

Last week, some friends and I agreed to go to the beach, so we left before the sun came up, loaded up my car with drinks, popcorn, and our favorite playlist, and headed to the beach.

We arrived shortly after noon, and we were so excited that we skipped checking into the hotel, and headed straight to the water.

We had a blast playing in the waves, throwing a frisbee, drinking beers, and just enjoying leisure time together, after a few beers too many, I fell asleep in my beach chair, and woke up a couple hours later to the unpleasant realization that I forgot to put on sunscreen. Covered in burns, I checked into the hotel and took a shower. Afterwards, I rubbed aloe all over my burns, laid on the bed, as well as cranked the air conditioner as frigid as it would go. The cool breeze from the air conditioner was so soothing to my burnt skin, that I was almost ecstatic that I was sunburnt. The relief I felt from the air conditioner helped me to relax, and forget that I was ever burnt in the first place. My pals were amazed at how cold the air conditioner was when they returned from the beach more than 2 hours later. I was able to have a full fun day at the beach the next day after sleeping in the cold air conditioner all evening. Next time I book a beach hotel, I will make sure that the room has fully operating, efficient air conditioners, in case I forget to wear sunscreen again.


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