The AC unit wasn’t enough for mom

Mom needed time to adjust to the extreme seasonal shifts after moving in with her husband.

  • He lived in a colder climate which meant winters were extensive followed by short Spring and Summer.

Mom had to adapt to the cold weather. She felt better with the love of her life by her side. Come Spring, mom experienced the worst allergic reaction she’d ever had and had to go to the hospital for medication. There was simply too much pollen in the air, which mom wasn’t used to. Her pollen irritations flared up, so her husband had to rush to get people medical attention. While at the hospital, mom spoke to the physician about ways to better their indoor air quality. They had a good HVAC unit which kept the house hot all winter. However, it didn’t do much to improve the indoor air quality in Spring. That’s why there was plenty of pollen in the air. The physician proposed that mom and her partner find an A/C supplier who’d sell them a whole-apartment air purification system. The machine would be mom’s solution since it cleaned out all the indoor particles leaving the house comfortable for them. Mom took the advice to heart and contacted an Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier in the city. They bought the best whole-apartment purifier they could get. The A/C supplier sent an Heating, Ventilation and A/C expert to their house the following afternoon to install the current system together with a monitor to help check the indoor air pollen levels. The results were great since mom started feeling better. Even her airways cleared up thanks to the purifier.

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