Timothy felt better last spring after getting the whole-home air purifier

Timothy was still getting used to the extreme seasonal changes after moving in with his girlfriend.

She lived in a colder climate which meant winters were long followed by an eventful spring and summer.

Timothy had to adjust to the cold weather, but it didn’t feel that bad with the love of his life by his side. Come spring, he experienced the worst allergic reaction he’d ever had and went to the hospital for help. There was simply too much pollen in the air, and Timothy wasn’t used to it. His allergies flared up, and had to be rushed by his girlfriend to get people medical attention. While at the hospital, he spoke to the doctor about ways to improve their indoor air quality. They had a working air conditioner which kept the space warm all winter. However, it didn’t do much to improve indoor air quality in spring. That’s why there was so much pollen in the air. The doctor advised Timothy and his girlfriend to find an AC supplier and purchase a whole-home air purification system. The unit would be Timothy’s saving grace since it cleaned out all the indoor air leaving the space comfortable for him. Timothy took the advice to heart and located an HVAC vendor in the city. He bought the best whole-home purifier he could get. The AC vendor sent an HVAC expert to their house the following day to install the new system and a monitor to help keep an eye on their indoor air quality. The results were thrilling since Timothy started feeling better, and his airways cleared up thanks to the purifier.

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