We took good care of our HVAC and it lasted a long time

We had a unit for years, it was recently replaced when I was about to graduate from high school, however I heard my mum say that the unit had been serving us for years.

  • Dad interjected and confirmed that it had been approximately twenty years since the a/c upgrade was done, and the heating and air conditioning unit had served us well as I only saw the heating and a/c technicians once a year or occasionally twice when we were on spring break or during fall.

There was a dial thermostat mounted on the wall in the corridor. This was a good placement as the regulator is not meant to be located someplace where there is direct sunlight as it will give bad readings. The unit had come to the end of the road. It’s been spent, my dad had ordered a new a/c from the HVAC supplier at the local company and dad was excited as he had gained a discount for being 1 of the 100 clients to purchase the all-new ductless multi-split. The air conditioning system workman was impressed with the condition of the old unit as though it was old, it looked new because my parents had adhered to the respected cooling system service that is required to enhance the function of any unit. The experts had just come from installing another commercial air conditioner in the new commercial building in town. Since they knew more about air conditioning, the experts advised that we continue scheduling regular a/c service to enhance the function of the unit and reduce the repairs, after all, this was done, I asked the specialist why they were not changing the regulator to which he answered that the thermostat was still functioning and there would be no need to change it.


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