Bad indoor air quality in new apartment

When I moved into my new apartment, there was this feeling of perfection.

It felt like everything was perfect and nothing could go wrong.

It was my first place, and I suppose I was overwhelmed with the new freedom that I had and ignored signs that some things were problematic that I normally would have noticed. It wasn’t until a week after moving in that I noticed how bad the indoor air quality was. It wasn’t something that I had given much thought to before, however I really started to notice it when I started sneezing. I had never been a sufferer of allergies and I thought it was maybe an oncoming cold, but when a week passed and no other symptoms developed, I had started to notice a pattern. I was only sneezing like this when I was home. If I was at work or was visiting a friend’s house I didn’t have any problems. I mentioned this to my dad over a conversation on the phone and he suspected that I may have bad indoor air quality and that I could find solutions for it from my local heating and a/c business. He then gave me the name of the HVAC company they use. I decided to have the air tested and it came back showing the indoor air quality was bad. After researching how the quality of your air can affect your health, I decided to purchase three standing air purifiers. I placed one in my bedroom, one in the living room and one in the kitchen. I have had much better results since using the air cleaners.

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