Doing house calls is the worst part of my job

I really think that doing house calls is the worst part of my job.

I know that I shouldn’t be complaining about having to do house calls late at night and on weekends and holidays since it actually is a part of my job.

But I really feel like a lot of the time, I’m the only one who ends up having to do the late nights and holiday calls. Granted, I’m the only one in the HVAC office who doesn’t have a family and a bunch of kids, but that’s not the point. I would still like to have a life sometimes. Anyway, the thing is, my boss always seems to put me down as the HVAC technician who is going to be working on weekends and holidays and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I realize that sometimes I’m going to have to do house calls on holidays, but I don’t think that I should be the only HVAC technician who has to do that. It’s really not fair, and I’m not dumb enough to think that life is fair all the time, of course. I just think that once in a while, someone else should have to take the furnace repairs and air conditioning repairs that go on during the holidays. I know that during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it seems like I am just about always going on on heating repair calls. I would like to spend my holidays nice and cozy with my dog or some friends once in a while instead of going around in my HVAC repair van! It’s definitely the worst part of my job.


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