I did not guess how to change an air filter

Just yepterday I made quite an embarrassing mistake.

As of recently I have been having trouble with my air conditioning plan and it wasn’t wanting to cool my home. I instantly decided to call my local Heating & Air Conditioning company and have them send out an AC repair guy to take a look at the issue. The whole thing ended up being a big waste of time because when the heating and cooling guy arrived at my modern home he asked myself and others about the problem was, I explained that my air conditioning plan wasn’t laboring. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional walked over to my thermostat and examined it. He then awkwardly paused and informed myself and others that my thermostat was in fact off, and so was my air conditioning system. I just stood their feeling so stupid I could not think that I did not even guess that my air conditioner was off and that is why I wasn’t laboring. The heating and AC professional turned on the thermostat and sure enough as soon as he did my AC plan kicked on right away. Then he told myself and others that everything appeared to be in perfect laboring order but he did command I change my air filter. I just said they are even more embarrassed as I absolutely quietly asked how to change an air filter. It was to the point that he could not help however to laugh and he told myself and others that he would show me. He showed myself and others how to change an air filter and even gave myself and others a free cheap disposable filter to put in it; So it turns out my AC plan is in fact after all and now I have a brand modern air filter too.

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