Jeremy knew he had to call the A/C mechanic though it was late

Jeremy had a superb life in the city. After college, he had moved there since he was among the blessed few to land the job on graduation. It was all thanks to the tough work he’d put in during college. He networked with so several people and landed an apprentice position at a large corporation. The pay was so superb that he bought a small condo near the town where he stayed. The condo was in a charming village where he envisioned himself with his family a single day, then one night, he drove condo after spending some time with friends at a bar and went straight to bed. He felt so tired and wanted to sleep in since the next day was Friday. But, a noise woke him up in the middle of the night. It seemed the A/C system was making a loud squealing noise which he’d never heard before… Jeremy thought about turning off the A/C system and going back to bed. He’d call the A/C supplier in the afternoon. But, he had an emergency agreement with the A/C supplier for these types of situations. So, he got his cellphone and called the A/C supplier 24-hour emergency hotline. A representative answered and informed Jeremy an A/C specialist would arrive at the condo in half an hour. That’s exactly what happened, and Jeremy let him in to check the noisy A/C system. He explained to Jeremy that the A/C fan belt was worn out, and further use of the A/C system could have caused immense disfigure. He was right not to wait until afternoon to have the fan belt replaced.


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