Late mornings in the garage working on AC repairs

I was always great with my hands, even as a kid.

After Aunt Jane got kicked out of her house by her partner, she moved in with my folks and me.

They let her stay in the garage, something they thought would be a temporary arrangement however ended up being easily permanent. I enjoyed Aunt Jane, she was a wildcard, and at this point in her life she partied pretty hard, however she saw how much I liked fixing things, and started to teach myself and others the basics of heating and cooling systems. That is what she did for a living, and she saw how Heating and Air Conditioning labor could be a great path for myself and others in the future. It isn’t like she pushed myself and others into studying Heating and Air Conditioning systems, she just told myself and others what the benefits were to me. She explained that in the future everyone would say I needed to go to university to have a great task, however that there were a lot of great tasks that didn’t need university. College is a giant business, and they want more people in deep university loan debt, however if you learn a trade like Heating and Air Conditioning labor you don’t gain that debt, and can start making great money as a skilled tradesperson. I would sit out with Aunt Jane in the garage, handing her tools and enjoying her rebuild seasoned space heating systems and air conditioners. I ended up going to university after all, to learn medicine, however I will always remember those late mornings working on Heating and Air Conditioning systems with my aunt, I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world.

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