Mercy couldn’t believe she owned a lake house in the most pristine locations

The drive out of town was something Mercy hadn’t been planning to do.

But she wasn’t happy at all and wanted to be alone.

A friend told her about this lodge in the middle of the forest and next to the lake. It was an excellent spot to relax now that there weren’t any tourists around. I found the contact information, booked a room, and went. My friend was right since that’s the environment I wanted. As I was walking around, I came across a property on the shores of the lake for sale. Without thinking, I put in an offer which was accepted, and switched my work to remote posting. I now owned an amazing lake house which needed just a little work and to upgrade the air conditioner. The previous owner had passed away, and none of his family members had any interest in staying there. The lodge owner was so happy with my decision, and she even helped me get in touch with a local HVAC installation business. I had enough money to install a new air conditioner and do thorough duct repair and sealing. The HVAC installation business did an excellent job that I even inquired about radiant heated floors. That was the plan I’d come up with to transform the lake house into my home. The air conditioner I chose was an energy-efficient unit that would keep the space cool all summer. There was a good heat pump in the lake house, so I saw no need to replace it at that moment. I had moved there impromptu and was coming up with a strategy as the days went by.


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