My crazy uncle and his AC modifications

Does every family have a crazy uncle, or is it just mine? For me it was Uncle Junior, who was the black sheep of his family.

My father was the only one who didn’t disown him after he went to prison for a few years, so when he got out he came here for shelter.

Junior literally had nowhere else to go, and pulled up to the house in a junky old station wagon. He needed a place to stay, but he insisted that he didn’t want to be a burden, so he parked that car in the side yard and lived in it for the next few years. He had AC and electricity, thanks to running an extension cord out of the garage, and he never complained about it. For a while he used the car air conditioner, but a few weeks later he ran out of gas, and once that engine turned off I don’t think it ever turned back on. At that point he went to the junkyard and got himself an old box style A/C unit, which he refurbished himself. At first I didn’t think he knew what he was doing, because he took off the housing of the air conditioner and started pulling off different parts! He explained that the AC unit needed to be a little smaller to fit in the car window, so he just whittled it down to size somehow. Once he got the air conditioner wedged into the drivers side window, he plugged it into a wall socket, and his home was complete.


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