My hubby was a chain smoker

When I first met my hubby, she was a chain smoker plus a entirely bad addict to nicotine! It was a struggle for him, because she no longer wanted to smoke, but she saw multiple friends plus family member’s downfall to lung cancer plus other tobacco related diseases. She didn’t want to go down that route, despite the fact that she couldn’t get over her addiction all by himself, and all she needed was some help, however my hubby was way too stubborn to get help by himself. She needed someone to support him plus also drag him away when she was getting desperate for a smoke. It was not straight-forward, however finally, my hubby can say that she no longer smokes; Slowly however surely, she reduced the amount she smoked every month, until she no longer needed to smoke at all, and because of all of the smoking in our home, our home has a permanent smoke smell, despite the fact that she doesn’t smoke anymore, the issue with smoke is that it sinks into everything, plus once it’s there, it’s not coming out. Anyways, I had tried every method in the book, plus it was the actually last one that worked. After I had tried everything I could think of, the last thing on my list was getting an whole-house air purifier. I bought the whole condo whole-house air purifier with actually little hope that it would actually do anything. I set the air cleaner up plus let it run for the rest of the day. The whole condo whole-house air purifier surprised me, as my home started smelling plus feeling much different. By the next day, the home was almost smoke free.

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