My undefined is consistently breaking down

I cannot stand the that I live with, my partner and I purchased it last year as a gift for ourselves when both of us moved into our new home, and however it has been problematic since afternoon one, and what both of us thought was a honestly nice A/C device that would do an excellent task of pulling our lake home was actually a cheap a/c from a sketchy Heating and cooling business, however the first afternoon both of us got it both of us ran into nothing however complications with it and I have regularly had to have unusual heating and A/C workers coming out to repair it just to keep it in working order.

Just Last weekour kids came lake home from school when they were hot, but it was a little Summer and a scorching afternoon outside and they were looking for some relief inside the home from the hot sun. However, no relief would come. The people I was with and I had the thermostat set on the cooling setting and yet once again the would not turn on. The people I was with and I did our best as soon as both of us got lake home to help her children who have been resting inside the home dripping with sweat. The people I was with and I pulled out all the fans, and even a window a/c to help cool the home down. It did help however it was not as nice as the central A/C unit. I decided to talk it over with my partner and I recognize both of us started discussing whether or not both of us should just get a completely new The people I was with and I agreed that that would be the best option and so both of us went down to the local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and picked out a brand new A/C system. This time both of us were much more careful with who both of us shopped around with and showed to buy our A/C from a heating and cooling corporation that was well known and with a nice reputation. Now that both of us have had our new installed both of us have not had any complications. The people I was with and I are just blissful to get rid of our aged one.

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