My web design was bad

I looked at my website once I had it finished, & I was proud of what I had accomplished.

It wasn’t the best web design I had ever seen online, but it was my web design.

I thought I had all the things that I needed. The website I went to explained the crucial parts of landing pages & additional pages. There was a page that allowed people to sign up for more information or to ask a question. I was positive I had everything needed on my website. I was excited until a month later I still didn’t have any clicks on my website. There had to be something wrong with my web design, but I did not notice what it was. It was the web design that attracts patrons, so my web design couldn’t have been as fine as I thought it was. My husband told me that I could look at different websites & he also told me that I could contact a web design business. There were hundreds of web design companies online, & numerous of them offered help from people who specialized in my unique business needs. It isn’t often that I want to take my husband’s advice, however this time I did, & I was ecstatic I did. My husband and I looked at many web design companies before choosing to contact several of them. Although all of us couldn’t tie either of them down to a unique cost, they both had their strong reasonings. I suppose what easily tipped the numbers toward one unique business was the way they talked about SEO. The professionalism was outstanding & yet not once did I guess feel they were trying to sell to me, or treating me bad.