Online sales of air filters and space heaters

COVID unquestionably threw most people for a loop, but as a salesperson I had an easier time increasing than most people.

Back in the day when I first got into this corporation I sold cars, and if I still did that I imagine the pandemic would have been more problematic.

But it has been years since I did face to face sales in a store or business, I have been entirely online since 2016. My style of selling remains the same, only now I do it virtually, with just as much success as ever before. My game now is HVAC equipment, and that is all I sell. I quickly l acquired that when it comes to HVAC systems, the big money is in central systems, but the smart track to take was going smaller, not larger. Central HVAC systems cost five to fifteen thoUSAnd dollars, and no 1 wants to buy those online. For online sales you wanted smaller dollar items that could absolutely be shipped, so my first target was air filters. My next biggest seller turned out to be space heaters, despite the fact that I had to be smart about where I tried to sell them. Focusing and targeting my online sales approach to those lower income people in cold regions generated a lot of sales for me. Portable cooling units and air conditionings also sell pretty well, despite the fact that I have had a lot more success with space furnaces so far. If anything, COVID has given my apartment corporation a large shot in the arm, because now most people wants high quality air filters.

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