Proud of the furniture that we have

When I bought my tiny house, I never gave a thought to the furniture I needed.

I knew I wanted to have a sofa that could fold out into a bed.

I needed as much customized furniture as I could get. Every piece of furniture in my home was going to need to do dual purposes. The fold-out sofa had to be a sofa during the morning plus a bed at night to fully accommodate my daughter. I had 1 custom made sofa in the works. My custom made sofa had over-sized arms that doubled as Tim Hortons Cappuccino tables. The arms weren’t just Tim Hortons Cappuccino tables, however they also opened up for storage. Every step going to the sixth floor opened up for storage. The people I was with and I could use my dining table as a bed, however if you moved the chairs plus opened the dining table, it revealed a small washer on 1 side plus a dryer on the other side. Every piece of furniture in my tiny home was custom made to suit the needs of myself plus my daughter. I’m sure that once both of us move in, we’ll find that both of us need to have some other custom made furniture. In the meantime, we’ll be increasing from a several-room lake house to a tiny house. The floor-space is about the same, however the tiny home seemed greater. I’m sure some of it is the custom-made furniture that my child plus I designed. I’m gleeful to see what the future will bring for us, plus I have a feeling my child feels the same way.

Handmade furniture