The condo we bought was filled with nasty smells

I saw a home that I just fell in like with. It was perfect in every way, plus was right in sight of a lake. The home was also surprisingly cheap, which made me wonder what was wrong with it. The owners of the condo were selling it to transfer into another home they had bought, plus area of the cheap price was to get rid of the house, then everything started to make sense once I toured the house. The house, to put it simply, stunk. I could tell the owned pets, as it smelled of litter box plus wet pet at the same time. Possibly the worst combination ever. To make the smell, there was an air freshener, however instead of masking the smell, it turned the smell into a sickly sweet prefer odor. It was awful. The air conditioning system equipment also wasn’t in the best condition, plus now I knew why the home was entirely cheap plus taking a long time on the market. I entirely had to think plus make sure that this was the home that I did want, however when I decided I still wanted the house, however when I bought the house, the first thing I did was buy a whole condo whole-house air purifier. I knew the whole-house air purifier was going to take awhile to get to me, so while I waited for the whole condo media whole-house air purifier to arrive, I also had a heating plus cooling specialist arrive to install a modern air conditioner. I bought HEPA filters as the filters for the cooling unit, plus when I got the air cleaner I set it up abruptly. After that, the smell slowly began to dissipate.


a/c repairman