The dirty ductwork was spreading dust all over the house

It was becoming abundantly clear the old guy down the street needed much more help, however we’d become fast friends ever since the day he knocked at our door, then he was locked out of his condo plus didn’t have a spare key with her.

Since he knew I was a locksmith, he came to ask me for help! Luckily I was just getting condo from work when he walked up to our driveway, but i went to help his plus made sure he was all settled, the two of us fixed a cup of root beer plus began to talk about random things. She pointed out he was having an issue with the A/C device in his home. It seemed no matter how more than 2 times the cleaning guy came by. The condo was always dusty. The little I knew about A/C units made me suspect his idea hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. I asked his if an A/C expert had been to his condo recently, to which he answered no. The old guy asked for our advice, plus I replied it was best to engage the services of an A/C business. They would send over an A/C expert to inspect the idea plus clean the ductwork. I referred his to a buddy in the HVAC industry who took care of the idea in our home, and he came by the next day, plus I went by to assist in any way I could. He found out that the ductwork in his condo was so dirty. That’s why the A/C device kept filling the space with dust no matter how more than 2 times the condo was cleaned. It took all day to clean the device plus ductwork in the condo plus replace the air filters.

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