The flu symptoms in my lake home are out of control

Up until Last weekI had consistently thought that everybody had flu symptoms in my lake home because it was a thing that ran in my family.

Boy how long was I. It turns out that my family does not have flu symptoms after all however it actually the culprit was my heating and A/C system. Namely, and grime that was up in air vents that was being circulated around by the When this was being circulated around by the both of us were all breathing in all this filthy air and it was making it where both of us were having flu symptoms. The people I was with and I would breathe In these irritants that would then make us sneeze, our eyeah with water, and both of us were just in general angry. The amazing thing is that both of us only came to this realization because a neighbor of ours advised that both of us have a heating and cooling worker come to our lake home and check our Heating and Air Conditioning system. This was new to us because she had had a similar issue where she had fantastic indoor air quality however then all the sudden it started to worsen when there started to be dirt floating around in the air. The people I was with and I paid to have it professionally cleaned and once the air ducts had been cleaned both of us noticed that our flu symptoms started to go away. This was fantastic however it wasn’t enough. The people I was with and I decided that it would be best if both of us also had an air purification system added to our lake home to help further prevent the buildup of dust and germs.