Why is it so chilly in the store?

I toil area time in a comic store, and well, it used to be a comic store way back when, however it had to evolve with the times, and now the store carries games, toys, music, imported animation on disc, plus books plus comics, so I like to call it a One Stop Nerd Shop! In any event, it still operates mostly like a comic book shop, plus that’s why I like toiling there. I get to hang out with fellow nerds during my shift, plus get a discount on everything I buy, but one of the most pressing things about toiling here is the control component for the climate control system, then before I worked in this place I was consistently curious as to why they kept the control component turned down so low all the time, plus now I know, however cold temps plus low humidity levels are optimum for seasoned comics plus other kinds of collectables, so the A/C runs so much for their benefits, not that of the shoppers. If anything, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan is utilized to make people more uncomfortable, which makes sense when you think about it. When the shoppers are made too chilly by the AC, they do not sweat or project extra moisture into the air, nor do they hang around any longer than needed. If it is nice plus comfortable then more people will hang out plus read comics, however the chilly A/C will keep that from happening. Of course, now that I toil here I need to wear a heavy jacket to toil every day to offset the chilly chilly , however at least I get to read comics all day.


Heating and cooling service