I don’t get sick often anymore

Many people totally enjoy the Winter and Fall seasons, but if you ask a great number of people what their most enjoyable seasons are, it’s not a far stretch to say that “Fall” and “winter” will be in the vast majority, and for fine reason at that: people actually prefer the beauty of the cold months! We also enjoy the holidays within them as well, as many of us enjoy spending time with our families.

What nobody truly cares about during the Fall and Winter seasons, though, is the fact that they’re also cold and flu season as well! Cases of influenza regularly spike during December, which many consider to be the quintessential Winter month.

While most people take cold and flu medicine to prevent against getting sick during this period, I rely mainly on one thing: our ultraviolet (UV) air filter. Air filters as a whole are superb at preventing the contraction of airborne illness, as they filter things such as dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, and droplets of the cold and flu virus out of the air in your property. There are many types of air filters, including HEPA filters, UV light filters, washable filters, and even more. I decided to use UV light filters inside of our dwelling due to the fact that they’re especially adept in protecting against all sorts of airborne diseases, something that comes in handy to me, as I happen to have a weak immune system and am prone to getting sick fairly often. With my UV light filter, however, I’ve been able to prevent getting sick this cold and flu season, and it’s pretty much because our air filter has been cleaning the air in our dwelling and circulating new, washed air in! Thanks to this, I can spend extra time enjoying all of the awesome things that Fall and Winter have to offer.


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