I sleep the best when I am outside

I have always been a big nature lover, ever since I was a young kid.

Most of the time, you’ll find me outside.

Something about the natural scenery around me just soothes and calms me down. As I grew up and moved into my first place, an apartment, I realized more and more that I couldn’t live like an ordinary person. I thought of being outside too much, and the pleasant breeze that awaited me. So, I decided to move out of my apartment, and when I had the money, move into a small home in the middle of nowhere. The sights around the small home are wonderful, endless hills and trees and not another house in sight. I love it. However, my favorite part is having a porch. I realized that I slept better whenever I was outside, so I moved my bed outside to the screened in porch, and ever since then, I have been sleeping better than ever. If I had to guess, my guess is that it is the indoor air quality that causes this. I know with HVAC technology, they have perfected indoor air quality with whole home media air cleaners, but in my opinion, natural is best. My HVAC machine can’t compete with the outdoor breeze, and that is why I long to be outside. However, my more normal friends disagree and love to be inside their homes with the heating and air conditioning unit on full blast. To each their own, but I will continue to enjoy the air conditioning on occasion, and the outdoors forever.

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