I took advantage of a Christmas sale they were having

Christmas is always something to look forward to, and in more than one way.

When it comes to Christmas, most people are probably thinking about the pretty decorations, like the lights or the tree.

Or maybe the presents and what they’re going to get for that year, or what they’re giving to others. However, when it comes to Christmas, I have one big thing on my mind and that is the big Christmas sales. Right before Christmas and a little after, a ton of local stores start having mass discounts and sales on goods. So every year around Christmas time I make a list of things needing updating around my house and then look out for sales on those items. One of the things I have been needing big time is a new central heating system and air conditioner. As I had guessed, on Christmas Eve, the local HVAC store had a massive sale! All HVAC units up to half off! I went down to the heating and A/C store and had a field day choosing a new HVAC component. I proudly pointed out the one I wanted and was able to buy it. Then I scheduled a HVAC installation appointment for the next day. The next day, the HVAC truck backed into my drive and the HVAC workers started unloading my new furnace system. I am elated at getting such a good deal! Now all I need to do is wait for them to install the new system and enjoy my Christmas present to myself.


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