I’m glad I signed up for their email newsletter

A long long long time ago, a new heating and air conditioning company came into town. Brand new and family owned, they opened their business in our small town with big dreams. However, since our town is so small, they didn’t seem to get very much business. Because I was curious and partially because I wanted to see what the new HVAC company could offer, I went and visited their local A/C store in my free time. Their store wasn’t much to see, and was fairly small. However, the family seemed incredibly eager to see me and treated me as if I was a long long family member. I felt a bit bad for them, as I could tell they were desperate, and so I agreed to buy a box of HEPA filters from them, as well as I signed up for their email newsletter. Anyways, I got occasional emails from them, and I would sometimes get really great deals as well. Even though there were other HVAC corporations around, I only went with them since I was already familiar with them. Years later, their A/C corporation has blossomed into multiple different HVAC buildings around the state. They were the most popular HVAC place in town, and I can say I was one of their first customers. I guess they remembered this too, because I got an email from them saying I can choose anything from their store, for free, anything. I almost thought this was a scam. It seemed so good to be true. I ended up getting a several thousand dollar top notch HVAC system, which was perfect because mine was old anyways. This HVAC machine was the best of the best, and now I am so glad I signed up for their email newsletter when I did.
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