My office is now properly HVAC maintained with HVAC upgrade

I honestly don’t know how my right hand woman stuck it out through all those hot summers and cold winter.

But she did and now that we have proper heating and cooling in the office, she’s in heaven.

My only regret is that I didn’t get some proper HVAC equipment for our office earlier. I keep calling it an office like it’s some sort of office building or something. It’s not. I have a company that helps develop commercial real estate. That means there is plenty of big equipment. We have a big warehouse type of building that has exactly zero heating and cooling. There is a sort of an afterthought addition to the warehouse that serves as the office. And really, it’s just me and the wonderful soul who has been might right hand lady for more than a decade. This space was also without any sort of residential HVAC. In the summer, I’d install an old window air conditioner to help with cooling off the space. And the winter, while milder than way up north, called for space heaters to keep the chill off. But I really am not in the office so much as I’m on the job site more than I’m not. My wife implored me to do something about the heating and cooling so I called the HVAC company. They installed a ductless heat pump. This was something I should have done long ago. The office is now wonderfully air conditioned and my right hand lady is so pleased to have the ductless heat pump.


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