My UV air filter helps me stay healthy

All sorts of people care about the Winter & Fall seasons.

If you ask a great number of people what their most enjoyable seasons are, it’s not a far reach to say that “Fall” & “Winter” will be in the majority of the vote & for fantastic reason at that: people care about the awesome beauty of the frigid months.

Every one of us also cares about the holidays within them as well, as many of us care about spending time with our family members. What nobody cares about during the Fall & Winter seasons, though, is the fact that they’re also cold & flu season as well. Cases of influenza spike while in January, which all sorts of people consider to be the quintessential Winter month. While almost everyone takes cold & flu medicine to prevent sickness, I rely a good deal on one thing: my ultraviolet (UV) air filter… Air filters as a whole are wonderful at preventing the contraction of airborne illness, as they filter things such as dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, & droplets of the cold & flu virus out of the air in your residence. There are many types of air filters, including HEPA filters, UV light filters, washable filters, & even more. I chose to use UV light filters inside of my residence due to the fact that they’re especially adept in protecting against numerous airborne diseases, something that comes in handy to me, as I have a weak immune system & am often prone to getting sick. With my UV light filter, however, I’ve been able to prevent getting sick this season, & it’s all because my amazing air filter has been cleaning the air in my residence & circulating new, clean air in! Because of this, I can spend more time enjoying all of the appealing things that Fall & Winter have to offer to the people.


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