No white Christmas but no high heating costs either

This time of year does still feel a bit weird.

  • The heat pump hasn’t even kicked on yet this winter and we’re almost to Christmas.

It’s really strange in a way since I grew up with a white Christmas and the gas furnace just cranking out the heating. That’s because I grew up in a region where the winter was pretty intense so a heat pump just wouldn’t quite cut it when it came to HVAC heating. I loved the white Christmases of those days and it sort of made the holiday that much more special. So I have to admit that there is a certain feeling that I don’t get with the way Christmas is now. But that’s okay because I’ll trade a white Christmas for the sort of winter we have in this region. I moved to the south about a decade ago. And I have to say that I much prefer a mild winter and a heat pump over a harsh winter and a gas furnace. It took me a while to get accustomed to just what I was feeling when it came to winter. But honestly, it didn’t take too much for me to get used to being able to play golf year round. That isn’t something I could do in the land of the white Christmas. While it is still a bit strange to celebrate Christmas sitting on the deck in a long sleeve shirt and shorts, I’ll sure take it. Plus, with the heat pump only coming on for heating occasionally, the heating costs are next to nothing for our winter.


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