Putting up a fence for the dog

We chose a wooden fence for the sake of aesthetics.

When my husband and I bought our house, we were extremely pleased by the size of the property. We were tired of living in a cramped apartment in the city with no garage for our cars and no yard for our dog. We took our time and found the perfect house for our needs. It is located in a really great neighborhood. Our only complaint with our new property was the lack of a fence. We couldn’t let the dog out without a leash. Early in the morning, late at night, in the rain and even when we were busy or running late, we needed to take the dog for a walk. The dog couldn’t play off-leash or get enough exercise. We were constantly worried about the dangers of traffic. The solution was to install a fence. At first, we considered building a fence ourselves. However, when we looked into the cost of lumber and the work involved, we decided it was more than we could handle. I read reviews online and found a highly rated, local fencing company. They sent a contractor over the very next day to provide an estimate. Although the investment was considerable, we wanted a good quality fence that would hold up and require little maintenance. We chose a wooden fence for the sake of aesthetics. Along with creating a safe boundary for the dog, it gives us privacy. It is eight-feet tall and not only prevents the dog from getting out but also keeps other animals out. The fence has also significantly increased the value of our property.

Fence Removal