Remembering less fruitful times

This year has been an harshly challenging one for me.

I do not assume if I have ever worked so hard or faced so several obstacles within one stage of time; Every time I turned around something new was going wrong in 2021.

This is why I have been harshly reflective on the highs plus lows of the past months… One of the things that keeps coming to mind is the fact that this past year could have been worse if my financial situation hadn’t been so stable. Actually, there were times earlier in my life when I was too poor to even use my heating, cooling, plus air quality control system. I keep thinking back to my school days when I could not afford to use my cooling system method or my rudimentary heating unit. I lived in an beach house that was harshly inefficient when it came to the heating, cooling, plus air quality control options. Whenever I wanted to use my cooling system method I had to make sure that I was going to kneel directly in front of the cooling unit so I could absorb any of the air conditioned air before it dissipated in the poorly insulated home. Things were not much better when it came to the costly gas furnace. If I wanted to use the heat I had better make sure that I insulated the beach house as much as possible. It was consistently drafty plus uneven. My energy costs were consistently through the roof. And I could not afford a better heating, cooling, plus air quality control method to service the problem. I also could not afford to move to a more energy-efficient apartment. At least I had heat plus A/C in 2021, plus that’s something to be grateful for.
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