Selecting a new maid for hire

I always wanted to have several kids, but when I was imagining having kids, there were some large things that I didn’t plan.

One, how several I ended up having, and second, just how messy they were! I suppose love I spend most of my whole day cleaning up after their messes, and even after I tell them, time and time again, to clean up their damn messes, they either forget or don’t listen.

However, they’re getting much better, and I saw my youngest son picking up after himself. However, after I was promoted in my job, I did not have enough time to pick up their terrible messes anymore, and I needed someone who could look after them and their horrible messes. Usually my oldest kid would do it, even though he is now going to a local university and is away from home. So I decided to look for a brand new maid for hire. I searched up maid repair online, and was able to find a page on the internet that connects a cleaning guy with the right family. I frantically searched for someone who would be okay with babysitting and deep cleaning, and although it took myself and others a while, I finally found a person who was willing to do it. I met with the cleaning guy a couple of times first, and immediately after I started letting him watch the kids. Thankfully, he was a pro and got along with the kids great. As for his cleaning, I don’t guess what deep cleaning tools he uses, but it smells great. I love pear cinnamon. Also the shag carpet cleaner he used to disinfect up my kid’s spills is amazing. I would have never realized there was a stain there if he hadn’t told me.


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