Smart thermostat made a big difference in our home

I’m still amazed at the difference the smart thermostat made in our home.

  • I have had what I thought were cooling problems for a long time, however it turns out it wasn’t cooling problems at all, it was really from the thermostat going bad.

I believe I was pretty ignorant as to how thermostats work, because I really thought they were there to look nice, and yeah I know, that was actually stupid of me to think. Anyways, I think that they have a particularly pressing purpose in controlling the heating system & air conditioner unit. So when I was having troubles with not heating & cooling our house always, I naturally thought it was an Heating and Air Conditioning component causing troubles. However, when I had a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist come out & take a look, she really told me our seasoned dial thermostat was going bad! She suggested buying a new one. I looked online, & I was impressed by the new smart thermostat, & since I had a little extra money, I decided to buy one of those. I’m so ecstatic I did! Ever since I purchased the smart thermostat, our house has been feeling better than it has ever felt before, not only heating & cooling better, however with the smart thermostat came energy saving tips, such as being able to program the thermostat to kick on at particular times. The new thermostat also had other actually cool features, such as a touch screen, which was vastly different compared to our seasoned one. I am so ecstatic now that our seasoned one was going bad, because I care about our new one!

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