The coldest christmas

I think this past Christmas was actually a deimportant 1 for a lot of human beings.

Many families in this area were not able to get together or spend the holidays joyfully. Instead, a lot of people were quarantined because of the looming threat of the current covid variant. My family was no different. I have to say, I wasn’t truly aggravated about missing my family on Christmas..! But I did get rather aggravated when I realized that my furnace would not be attending the celebration. I woke up on Christmas morning & I thought that the indoor air felt a little strange. It was uneven in more than 2 locations, with the temperature fluctuating depending on which room you were in. When I tried to adjust the thermostat so that the giant forced air furnace would be more comfortable, I realized that my temperature control alterations were not making any difference to the indoor air. It was drafty, cold, & uneven temperature throughout the entire house… As the hour went on, I realized that it was getting even colder. Not only was I resting alone on Christmas morning, but it was getting chilly enough that I couldn’t recognize my nose or toes anymore. I decided I would like to call a professional Heating, Cooling, & Air Quality Control dealership to inspect my furnace, then unluckyly, the only available Heating & A/C company was charging a premium price for the emergency Heating & A/C repair on Christmas Day! Rather than paying for the expense of heating, cooling, & ventilation repair… I sat alone on Christmas bundled up in blankets & waited for the day to pass. Merry Christmas to all.