I argued with my significant other about the need for HVAC service

My husband and I were recently fighting before the summertime season started, but I was telling her that we should skip the cooling plan tune-up. I said I could clean out the plan and make sure the air filter was changed, and that was all we entirely needed, but he begged to differ. He said if we didn’t have the cooling plan taken care of, we could develop drastic issues with the cooling plan and she said there was no way she was going in the middle of the hot season with no a/c. I assured her everything would be good and left it at that! Well, clearly he didn’t listen to me when I said we didn’t need it; the one day when I was finally working in my new living room, a heating and air conditioning professional arrived at the door. I asked him why he was there because I didn’t make arrangements for a cooling plan tune-up. The heating and air conditioning professional seemed surprised, and said my husband made the arrangements according to the paperwork. He also asked me why in the world I wouldn’t want a cooling plan tune-up before the summertime months. He explained how it was honestly risky and he needed to be there to make sure all the safety mechanisms were finally working fine, the HVAC duct was good with no leaks, and parts were replaced if needed. I thought about it for an hour and realized he and my husband were right, this needed to be done. It didn’t matter that I wanted to save currency, I knew I needed to find another way. The heating and air conditioning professional actually did find a few leaks in the HVAC duct and then a HVAC duct cleaning and resealing was in order. When my husband got back home, I apologized and I told him he was right all along.

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