I didn’t realize the importance of duct cleaning and duct sealing

For a long time, I didn’t realize how important duct cleaning and duct sealing is.

That wasn’t until I couldn’t bear the poor air quality in my home and called an HVAC company to figure everything out.

I was told that there were a lot of things that I needed, but my duct system was the biggest issue. The professional showed me how clogged up and dirty the duct system was. Then he ran a test on the air pressure with specialized tools. He said the system seemed to have leaks inside and so he checked and sure enough, he discovered a number of leaks. He asked me if my energy bills were costly, and yes they were. So I had the duct sealing done to close all the leaks and then the duct cleaning which improved the air quality a great deal. Also the HVAC system became so energy efficient. I mean even the noises were entirely different. Before everything was done, it always sounded like the HVAC system was struggling to a certain degree and now it was like the system was running like a champ with zero struggling. This was also after he took care of an HVAC tune-up for me. He was telling me that I should consider having my duct cleaning done at least every other year, because it’s important for the air quality and the functionality of the HVAC system. He also was explaining how it’s an important energy saving tip. I told him I hoped he could give me more energy saving tips down the road too.