I dropped a space heater right on my foot

I was helping my grandma clean out her basement and I ended up really hurting myself! That’s what always seems to happen to me whenever I’m trying to do a good deed for someone.

I guess that it’s true that good deeds don’t go unpunished, that’s for sure.

At least that’s the way that it always seems to go with me. Anyway, I was going to try and help my grandma with a bunch of cleaning and organizational stuff that she was trying to get done. She asked me if I could help her find her electric space heater that she likes to plug in next to her chair in the living room. During the wintertime, my grandma always likes to have that little electric space heater plugged in whenever she’s sitting there reading or watching TV at night. Of course, I can’t ever deny my grandma anything because she is the sweetest most wonderful lady that there is. I love her so much and so when she asked me to sweep up the basement and find her electric space heater, I immediately got to work. Of course, it turned out that while I was cleaning, I didn’t have very much of a problem finding the space heater. But then when I was trying to bring it upstairs to get it plugged in and set up for her, I ended up tripping over the chord and dropping it on my ankle! I ended up having to go get ex-rays at the hospital. My grandma felt bad that this happened to me but it wasn’t her fault at all.
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