I had to move back in with my parents

When I went off to college for the first time I thought it would be the last time ever that I would be living in my parents house.

I left my parents dearly; they were always very supportive of whatever I wanted to do in life, and I always knew that if I ever needed anything and I always had a safe home I could return to.

However as much as I love them I was ready to stretch my wings, and set out into the world on my own. For the first 10 years this worked out really well, I graduated college, got a good paying job, and I continued working that same job for nearly a decade. However everything fell apart when the company went out of business and as a result I lost my job and so did all of my coworkers. I was now finding myself struggling with money and the worst thing that could happen happened. I lost my apartment because I could no longer afford to pay the rent. I really didn’t have much of a choice but me and my then girlfriend ended up moving back on my parents. I love my parents but I didn’t want to stay there long. My parents have a habit of treating me like a kid when I go back home even though I’m now 30. The one thing I did enjoy about being back home though was my parents’ heating and AC system. My parents have always been the kind of people that wanted to have the latest and greatest in everything involving HVAC technology. Seriously, I think that they have the largest amount of HVAC products in one house that I have ever seen. So when I got to sit on their couch watching TV on a lazy day after work, there was nothing like enjoying the nice and cool air of the air conditioner. Their heating and AC system are goals.

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