Mold and mildew in the ductwork

I was feeling pretty faint for a little while when relaxing in my home.

I had recently started working from home so it was a bit of an adjustment.

I actually had to wonder if I was starting to feel so faint because of the air quality in my home. I had to admit, the air quality wasn’t so enjoyable in the home, but there seemed to be something affecting my health in a negative way. I took a look at my savings and considered if I should maybe invest in some air quality systems. I ended up calling a few different HVAC companies to see what they had in the way of improving the air quality in my home. The last HVAC expert I spoke to started asking me if I was experiencing breathing complications and he seemed to care about my health. I was also surprised that the same guy came to my house after I decided to schedule an appointment. He truly was an expert HVAC tech, he found all the issues with my HVAC quickly. He didn’t mess around with any BS, he just got straight to the point. He said my ductwork needed to be cleaned as there was mold growing all throughout and he worried about my health. He actually considered this an emergency but of course he wasn’t going to charge me for emergency repairs. That was the first thing he focused on doing and I agreed to the work. He came prepared and it didn’t take long for the air quality to improve after the ductwork cleaning.

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