My uncle loves to adjust the temperature control all the time

It always bothered me when I would visit my uncle at his house.

He was always going to adjust the temperature control settings every ten minutes like he could never get comfortable.

I asked him a few times if he ever thought about getting a programmable thermostat, but he said it wasn’t necessary. His reasoning was that his dial thermostat worked just fine and hence there was no reason to go for an upgrade. I even mentioned the energy savings he could have with a programmable thermostat because the HVAC would turn on and off as needed with a thermostat like that. He still said he would have to pass. That was a long time ago. More recently I got so sick of it that I ended up buying him a smart thermostat. Now this style of thermostat is actually much better than a regular programmable thermostat. It has all kinds of advanced features like remote temperature control, geofencing, and learning mode. It’s a thermostat that’s so easy to use and it programs itself. Before you know it, you won’t even have to adjust the temperature control settings very often. Well, my uncle liked the sound of being able to adjust the temperature control remotely. I realized that this was going to be his thing, monitoring the HVAC via his phone all the time and adjusting the temperature control settings more easily. When everything was set up, he was loving it and it was also a huge plus for him that he started saving a lot on his energy bills.



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