The virus put heating and cooling ads on my computer system

I definitely have to admit that when it comes to searching for things online I am not super tech savvy, but I am a bit reckless.

This is how I ended up getting a virus on my computer system.

I have an antivirus but the subscription expired plus I thought it best to wait to renew it which means I was not protected. I definitely did not have the belief it was a sizable deal, I mean what were the odds of me acquiring a virus? It definitely didn’t help that I decided to go plus visit a huge amount of questionable websites. I just knew that after I had visited some of these websites my computer system started to slow down a good amount. That was not the worst part. The worst thing I faced was I started having random pop ups on my desktop! I never downloaded anything intentionally that would put ads on the computer system so I realized I must have a virus. I decided to call my sibling who is a PC repair person in a tech store. He told me that what I had was a type of adware that needed to be removed. He further asked me to describe plus I told him I keep getting all these advertisements for heating plus air conditioner equipment. He asked me if I had browsed any websites of any heating AC companies plus I told him no. I explained that I was more than cheerful with my heating plus cooling equipment. I even described my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment products. Everything from the type of air conditioner I have, to the section heater, plus I even mentioned the HEPA filter in the whole-house air purifier. It’s a lucky thing that I was able to get my sibling to come over plus use a program to remove the virus from the computer system. He also helped me update my antivirus plus get my subscription going again. Now my computer system is just fine.


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