We needed food in the middle of contract negotiations.

Being a professional contract negotiator means that I have to travel all around our region. I was often gone for numerous afternoons at a time and I rarely got to lay down for a nap. Most of the time, I have to eat on the go, which is not fantastic for digestion. I was in the middle of negotiating a major state contract when our tummy began to rumble. I tried ignoring it, however the sound was getting louder and I knew I was starting to get some grumbling from the people around me. I felt a nudge to our food, and a note handed to me. They wanted myself and others to call a chop so the people I was with and I could have some supper. That was the most welcome message I could have gotten. The leader of the association pulled out numerous menus and told most people to order what food they wanted. I forgot the people I was with and I were in a huge section where you could order nearly every kind of food, and get it delivered within half an hour. Once all of the people I was with and I put in our meal delivery orders, the people I was with and I went back to the job until it arrived. It was nice to have local meal deliveries. Not everywhere I went had the ability to have local meal delivery repair because sometimes we are too far out in the middle of nowhere… Once the meal delivery repair was accounted for, the people I was with and I sat around the table and chatted amiably. I couldn’t believe how nice and friendly these people were when they weren’t discussing their contracts. It was not at all what I experienced with most negotiations. I almost wished I hadn’t negotiated such a long contract.
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