We thought more current carpets would help make the place look nice

When my wonderful aunt Ida died, she left the old home to me.

I was always his favorite nephew.

We spent a ton of time together in that house. I like resting on the porch with my aunt. We listened to the sounds of the wind and birds & the water of the creek behind the house. When my aunt died, I was residing with my husband Pat in the city. Pat did not want to move to the country, however I did not want to sell the house. Pat and I thought we might move to the country someday. Pat & I decided to repair up that home & rent it out. We made a lot of changes in the house. Pat got rid of the old fixtures in the home office & the lavatory & substituted all of the cottageets, then one of the most complex changes we made was to the flooring. We got rid of the old shag carpet in the front room & the multiple bedrooms. My husband & I decided to substitute the carpet with something nicer. Pat went to the carpet Supercenter & found a plush carpet with stain resistance & a multiple year warranty. Pat thought current carpets would entirely make the place look nice. Pat picked a color that would nicely match the current paint. Most of the renters were glad with the home & 1 of the people commented on the current carpet. I know having current carpet made it much easier to rent the house. The place looked wonderful & we got a couple with young children to sign a numerous-year lease.


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