Gaining confidence at the gym

I was finally brave enough to explore the gym & take advantage of all of the amenities

When I initially enrolled at the fitness center, I figured there was a good chance I was throwing my money away. I was super overwhelmed by the gym atmosphere. I’ve never been active in any kind of organized athletics. I had no clue of how to begin getting into better physical shape. A staff member gave me a tour of the facilities and supplied a brief tutorial about how to use the equipment. It went by in a blur. On my first visit to the gym, I spent 60 minutes using the treadmill. I didn’t have the courage to try any other type of equipment. I was ashamed that I couldn’t handle more than a walking pace. I saw a group of people walking into one of the studios at the fitness center. I figured out that they offer different styles and levels of group fitness classes. I signed up for a beginner’s yoga session. I loved it. I had some trouble with even the basic poses, but I wasn’t alone. I enjoyed that yoga class so much, I enrolled in every class I could fit around my work schedule. I signed up for a spin, pilates & circuit training class. From these instructions, I learned the proper way to warm up, cool down and work on flexibility. I increased balance, strength & mobility. After a couple weeks, I was ready to try more advanced classes. I signed up for boot camp, HIIT training & a jump rope tutorial. These classes were great for my confidence. I was finally brave enough to explore the gym & take advantage of all of the amenities. I now use the indoor track, rock wall, battle ropes and all of the types of machines.


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