Getting a kitchen for the holiday festival

Our town holds a holiday festival once a year! All sorts of vendors turn up and people flock to our site.

All of us have jewelry, bags, shoes, music and all sorts of food vendors.

Any local corporation would be stupid to pass it up, for years it was a struggle for me to attend! Being a small kitchen, I didn’t have a lot of cash to set up a stand, and my speciality is paninis and warm drinks. So that meant I needed electricity and plumbing in whatever setup that I had; I couldn’t just bring a folding table and call it a day. Any sort of truck with that equipment was harshly extravagant and I would be stuck with it forever. Thankfully I found a turnkey solution with a shipping container supplier. They offer shipping container kitchens. It is a portable shipping container that has a real like set up inside. I have electric, plumbing and Heating and A/C. The shipping container is small and has a bar top set up! So anyone in the winter festival can come up and order, but not be in our dining room. I have plenty of parts to store all our extra food and equipment, however what is nice is that the festival lasts for a week. It is easy to seal up everything and the bag locks. I leave it in our rented part and come back the next day. What is neat is after the week is up the shipping container facility picks it up for me. I just pay a small fee to rent it out for the festival.

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